Photo Tips from IDMan™

Tips for Taking Your Own Digital Photos for ID Badges

  1. Always use a flash and a light colored background.
  2. Remove subject’s hat and sunglasses.
  3. Write the person's name and pertinent information in two inch high letters on a dry erase board with a medium to thick dry erase marker. Have the person hold the board three to five inches below their chin. The picture will be cropped to show just the face. This procedure will help ensure that the correct name and photo are utilized.Photo Tips Image
  4. Take the picture five to seven feet from your subject with the camera at the same height as the subject's head.
  5. Take two to three pictures of each subject with your camera set to a medium quality setting (1-2 Mega pixels per photo setting if utilizing a digital camera). Each picture should be less than 200 KB.
  6. Review the photos in your camera's view finder to ensure that there is no glare in glasses and that the information on the dry erase-board can be read. To remove glare, back the camera up two feet and zoom in on the subject.
  7. Avoid Picture It™ photo processing.
  8. Make a copy of the disk or CD containing your photos. Label both copies with your company name and location and the first initial and last name of each of the subjects.

You can mail us your digital photos at:

P.O. Box 6854
Richmond VA   23230

or an alternate address provided by your local IDMan™ representative

or Email photos to in a standard JPEG format

All cards shown have been modified for security purposes and are for example only.

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