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Our customized full-color photo ID cards enhance your professional image while providing tangible evidence of your organization’s internal screening process. In these times of heightened security awareness, identification and authentication is a must. Our high-security photo ID cards can help. Make IDMan™ (located in Richmond, Virginia) your nationwide source for high-security customized ID badges, photo ID cards, tags and badge accessories!

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Police and fire department photo ID badges
Student photo ID badges
Hospital photo ID badges

Outsource your photo ID badge needs

Producing your own custom photo ID badges can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Why pay more, when you can have quality photo ID cards for less? ID Man™ can manage the entire process and deliver quality photo ID badges, customized tags and accessories for your every need.

We can produce your custom photo ID badges and accessories in any quantity on an ongoing, as-needed basis. No job is too large or too smallwe can print thousands or just a few. Barcodes, magnetic stripes and holographic overlays can be added for extra security. We can accept digital photos by email or take the photos for you if you are located within 25 miles of an ID Man™ representative.

“ID badges seem like such a small item, but in today’s new atmosphere of security they really do make an impact… Another advantage to the ID badges is advertising. When else do you get a walking billboard wherever you go? Our employees have been stopped several times by people asking where the badges were made….”

—Mathew Lucas, CEO
Qualitus Solutions

Select the right photo ID badge supplier for your business

When selecting your photo ID card supplier, make the confident choice. You can depend on IDMan™. We’re convenient, flexible, secure, and cost effective. Our high quality employee photo ID badges are delivered on-time and backed by outstanding customer service and support. Make IDMAN™ your nationwide source for high-security, customized photo ID cards and accessories!

Our photo ID cards are durable and secure

Our customized photo ID cards are made with solid PVC plastic, not lamination. This means that they will last for years with normal use. Like credit cards, our photo ID cards are printed using a dye sublimation process. We work closely with law enforcement entities— ID Man™ is a member of the Virginia Sheriff’s Institution. Our employees are subjected to background checks. Our card production and distribution procedures have built-in safeguards to help ensure that the photo ID cards and badges are made ONLY for the individuals you specify. Our photo ID cards are produced with stringent checks to help ensure they can not be forged or duplicated. We also use confirmed delivery methods to secure the distribution of your cards to the intended recipients.

Order your custom photo ID cards and accessories today!

Simply contact us to get a quote or place your order. Send us your photos and/or logos and we will design your photo ID badges according to your unique specifications.

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All cards shown have been modified for security purposes and are for example only.

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