Employee Photo ID Badges

The ability to identify your employees and visitors with employee photo ID badges has never been so important. Make IDMan™ (located in Richmond, Virginia) your nationwide source for high-security, durable employee photo ID badges and accessories.

Protect your people, property and profits with employee photo ID badges

Corporations, businesses, and organizations have a responsibility to provide a certain level of security to their employees, clients, and visitors. No matter what industry you are in or what level of security you require, employee photo id badges are a must. Your security can be greatly enhanced by ensuring the identity of your employees in a customized and professional manner.

Photo ID Badges are one of those ‘little things’ that can make a big difference. Click to see enlarged Employee Photo ID Badge Image
  • Employee photo ID badges are a simple and cost-effective way of protecting your key resource—your associates.
  • Verifying the identity of your employees and visitors is the first level of physical security.
  • Employee photo ID badges and visitor badges can help you distinguish between who’s who and provide tangible evidence of your organization’s internal screening process.
  • Attractive customized full-color employee ID badges can enhance your organization’s professional image and help brand and market your organization.

Provide Peace of Mind

Employee photo ID badges can help give you, your employees, and your clients peace of mind. Continued use of employee photo ID badges is an essential component of a secure and safe work environment. Identification badges will help you distinguish visitors from employees, increasing the convenience and safety of both. Your employee’s identity, classification, and security level can be verified with a glance. Visitors can easily be identified upon sight and can readily be offered direction or assistance by badge-wearing employees. In an emergency, visitors can be assisted by employees knowledgeable of standard procedures (such as emergency evacuation from the building, etc.)

Select the right employee photo ID badge supplier for your business

When selecting your employee ID card supplier, make the confident choice. You can depend on IDMan™. We’re convenient, flexible, secure, and cost effective. Our high quality employee photo ID badges are delivered on-time and backed by outstanding customer service and support.

We can produce your employee photo ID badges, customized cards, tags, and accessories in any quantity on an ongoing, as-needed basis. No job is too large or too small—we can print thousands or just a few. Barcodes, magnetic stripes and holographic overlays can be added for extra security. We can accept digital photos by email or take the photos for you if you are located within 25 miles of an ID Man™ representative.

Order your employee photo ID badges today!

Simply contact us to place your order. Send us your photos and/or logos and we will design your employee photo ID cards according to your unique specifications.

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Our badge accessories will help keep your cards from getting lost! Check out our luggage tags, credential wallet holders, badge clips and reels and lanyards.

All cards shown have been modified for security purposes and are for example only.

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