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Click to see enlarged neck lanyardSpecialty neck lanyards add impact to any event. Advertise your company name, sponsor meeting name or host committee on our printed neck lanyards. Personalize your event by adding your company logo to our custom id card lanyards. Select the colors and fasteners from our low-priced stock of lanyards to purchase.

Make IDMan™ (located in Richmond, Virginia) your nationwide source for quality, durable lanyards and other badge accessories.

Make a statement with our specialty neck lanyards

We offer a variety of specialty neck lanyards and printed neck lanyards in the most sought after colors styles and brands. You name it—custom ID card lanyards, braided lanyards, flat neck lanyards—and many more types of badge lanyards are all available to purchase at low prices from IDMAN4U™.

  • Flat neck lanyards provide easy on and off options, while keeping the card safely with the wearer at all times
  • Specialty neck lanyards can get your name out there—great for giveaways and promotions at trade shows
  • Printed neck lanyards are a walking advertisement for your company or organization
  • Custom ID card lanyards to purchase are a great inexpensive marketing promotion that prospects and customers will not throw away

Click to see enlarged braided lanyardClick to see enlarged printed lanyard sample colorsClick to see enlarged lanyard samples

Select the right specialty neck lanyard supplier for your business

When selecting your specialty neck lanyard and printed neck lanyard supplier, make the confident choice. You can depend on IDMan™. We’re convenient, flexible, secure, and cost effective. Our high quality badge accessories (including flat neck lanyards, custom ID card lanyards, and braided lanyards) are delivered on-time and backed by outstanding customer service and support. Make IDMan™ your nationwide source for quality, durable lanyards and other badge accessories.

We can produce customized printed neck lanyards in any quantity on an ongoing, as-needed basis. No job is too large or too small—we can print thousands or just a few.

Order your specialty neck lanyards today!

Simply contact us to place your order.

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